Replace windshield: cheap and poor quality or expensive and reliable

Car owners with experience know well that the pursuit of cheap parts, consumables and services almost always results in additional costs. On the contents of the machine it is necessary to allocate a considerable amount of money by purchasing only original spare parts and referring to checked workshops. This statement applies to almost all parts of the vehicle. Especially the major units, components and parts that affect the safety on the road. Good motorist keeps them in good condition under all conditions. Even when you have to spend to replace some parts last money. Savings — this is not the approach to be followed in the selection and replacement of parts of the machine. Even such seemingly minor details as the windshield, which some car owners think the mere protection of the cabin. However, from the integrity of the glass depends largely on the reaction of the driver in rapidly changing road conditions, disregard of which often leads to road accidents. Therefore, to save on the replacement windshield can not, under any conditions. Surgery to replace glasses includes buying glass and supplies, as well as the installation of the product. And to each of these stages should be approached very responsibly.

Buying glass unknown maker or market need to be prepared for what the product is, to put it mildly, turns out to be defective. Even not purchased in a specialized store or workshop glass popular brands can prove to be a poor imitation of the famous brand. Cheap windshield often have optical distortion due to the violation of manufacturing technology and use of materials of dubious origin. These products are dangerous because in most cases the distortion is not visible to the naked eye. And only when the driver starts to hurt or tire quickly of the eye, it becomes clear that the car is equipped with low-quality windshield. Another indicator of poorly manufactured glass is the effect of the so-called waves, when road markings «floating» before the eyes of the driver. Cheap windshield not able to resist not only blows sand, small stones and insects, and can not tolerate movement of the wiper blades, from which the glass remain muddy lanes. The strength of the aftermarket windshields of cars does not hold water. When getting small items, the glass is often broken or are cracked. Even a small ukhabina on the road or a momentary vibration in the car may cause breakage.

The next stage of replacing a car windshield is a choice of consumables. To buy their own vehicle owners almost never necessary. This duty take on the master of installation of glass machines, unscrupulous representatives are wanting to save a little, make replacement less costly. To control the quality of supplies without any special knowledge in this area is impossible. To avoid such troubles, a treatment only proven shops that use high quality polyurethane adhesive and a primer. Otherwise, the motorist can deal with such troubles as exfoliation of the adhesive from the body. As a result, it is possible leaking of water under the seam and even the separation of the windshield from the body. Poor-quality supplies because lead to such problems that their structure does not have the adhesion that is necessary for the formation of a reliable seam. A good polyurethane glue and primer can not be cheap. Therefore, if in the workshop to replace the glass offer supplies at a low price, there’s reason to be wary, and to refuse the services of such a service. Also not to be trusted and supplies an unknown brand, on the physical-chemical qualities of which are unknown even to the masters. At the same time, the high cost of such glue and primer is not an indicator of quality of the material.

Replacement car windshield is a complex process that requires masters not only know the technology, and the availability of considerable experience in this matter. Moreover, the replacement of glass for each brand of car has its own idiosyncrasies and nuances, the neglect of which is a big mistake. The process of replacing lies not only in the recess of the damaged items and installing new, and also includes the extraction of the molding, removing the windshield wipers, disable the rain sensor, disassembly of plastic panels, cut the windshield and a number of other operations. And each of them requires from the masters utmost attention and care. Only long experience with cars of different brands allows you to quickly and accurately replace the windshield, without damaging the bodywork, upholstery and dashboard of the car. It is clear that this painstaking and responsible work, can not is cheap. So look for a workshop «somewhere cheaper» replacement glass is unacceptable. When choosing a Studio it is better to take the advice of relatives and acquaintances who have resorted to such an operation. In an extreme case, you can read the reviews posted online by owners of vehicles. Finding them is easy at automotive forums and social networks, where there are many communities of owners of cars of different brands.